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About Rogers Healy


You may recognize Rogers from his bright blue billboards along highways in the heart of Texas, or by his frequent TV appearances on FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC, Cheddar, CNN, and Newsy just to name a few. Regardless of how you know Rogers, there is one thing for sure, there is a lot to learn about this real estate expert.

Rogers Healy is a proud Texas native, and the colorful and energetic Owner and CEO of the largest independently owned real estate brokerage in Texas – Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate. From a young age, Rogers knew he wanted to do something special and something BIG, he just didn’t know what it was going to be. After taking a swing at real estate, he hit a home run.

He decided to get his real estate license in 2001, while an undergrad at Southern Methodist University. His career started off as a hobby, as he would help his friends find a place to live during and after college. This side gig grew to what it is today, and after a few years at some nationwide brokerages, and learning from some well-respected leaders, Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate (RHA) was founded in 2006.

Today RHA has over 500 real estate agents, approximately 50 full-time staff members, and almost 30,000 square feet of office space in North Texas. In addition, Rogers has founded four sister companies under The Rogers Healy Companies umbrella. Healy Global Real Estate and Relocation in 2007, Healy Property Management in 2008, RHA Commercial in 2010, and RHA Land and Lake in 2021. Rogers and his team continue to push toward success and growth every day.

The experience of starting his own business has been incredibly rewarding to Rogers. But, the greatest gift that has come out of it is what he learned about himself. Rogers believes he started The Rogers Healy Companies to give people the gift of humility and confidence. Through the years he has seen people grow and thrive in their respective industries and within their aspirations outside of real estate.

“HAPPY MONDAY! That’s every day for me. A new opportunity to change the world, and to make an impact. I wake up each day, ready to go, and approaching each second with a sense of urgency, coupled with an excitement for bringing people the gift of confidence. It’s my mission to be the best leader I can be, so everyone around me gets to find the best version of themself. It’s a true joy leading the next generation of leaders,” Rogers said. Outside of the office, Rogers is always with his best friend, aka his wife, Abby. They love being around their three dogs, and music, which he considers to be his love language. His desire to learn more about the music industry, and the personalities that help shape it, has led to him having one of the biggest historical music archives in the world. Rogers is looking forward to sharing his love for music with Abby and his daughters, and he feels a significant responsibility to make sure she carries on the legacy of being a music buff. At the center of Rogers’ life is his faith, and Abby and Rogers love being active members of Highland Park United Methodist Church.

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